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Central Texas

 American Veterans



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About Smoking...


 Welcome home, brother...*

Whether you are a member or guest, veteran or not,
this is our "home".   Let's treat it as such.

Our post has been undergoing some recent building, cleaning and
other maintenance.   Please help us keep it clean and safe.

  • Please clean up after yourself.  

  • Please do not smoke in or near the post building.  

    • According to Texas law, it is an offense to smoke in an enclosed area in a public building
        or within 15 feet from an entrance or openable window.

    • The Executive Committee suggests if you wish to smoke in front of the building stand at least 15 feet from the front door; and if in the rear stand beyond the outside dining area or in the BBQ smoker area.

   * ... and sister.   This is regular greeting of our Post Commander and it seems to be spreading.

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 Last updated:    5/21/2024